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Pro Tube
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  • Urban tap water supply, direct drinking water supply and different quality water supply.
  • Coal gas , liquiefied gas and natural gas distribution and transporation.
  • Corrosive water drainage.
  • Water conservancy and term imigation works.


  • Long groove between feed throat and screw to improve output highly.
  • Accurate temperature control system on feed section to match different plastics.
  • Unique screw design to achieve higher plasticizing and products quality.
  • Gearbox of high toruqe balance to realize stable running.
  • H shape frame to decrease vibrating.
  • PLC (Simatic Multi Panel) operation panel to ensure synchronization.
  • Energy conservation, easy to maintenance.

Main Technical Data

Pipe Range16-6320-6320-16050-250110-315160-450250-630315-800500-1200
Extruder ModeBRD50/40BRD60/40BRD60/40BRD75/40BRD75/40BRD90/40BRD90/40BRD90/40BRD120/40
L/D Ratio404040404040404040
Man Motor(KW)5590110160160250250280356
Max Capacity2504505006506501000100011001300
Total Instaliation Power110180220280290430490540610

Vertical Type


The main twin screw extruder is widely used in.

  • Soft/hard PVC pipes
  • PVC profiles
  • PVC cables
  • PVC roof tile
  • PVC foaming board
  • PVC Decorative Board

Main Technical Data

Extruder ModelSJZ55/110SJZ65/132SJZ80/156SJZ92/188
Man Motor Power22/303755110
Max Capacity(Kg/h)220350550850