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PVC tile’s Standard and Lifetime

Standard size: width 880mm, 1050mm, thickness 1.3—3mm, weight is around 6kg/m2, lifetime could be 20—30 years if use the surface layer material: ASA/PMMA with 0.2mm thickness.


PVC ROOF TILE is light weight, good toughness, self—cleaning, anti—acid and resistant to corrosion, fire to reach Bl level, sound insulation, weather resistance, life of up to 30 years. Best option to replace the steel roof tile and asbestos root tile.

Product Characteristics

  • Supply formula guide service
  • Professional analyzing and design by considenng production cost and tile’s performance
  • Technology for single layer or multi—layers available
  • This product adopts the multi-layer co-extrusion technology to complete the one-time processing.
  • New style plastic hollow construction formwork is a new generation green building materials, the thickness range 8-18mm adjustable, the width is 915mm/1220mm or customized.
  • Formwork surface is smooth bright and clean, small size error, with nailable, planable, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, more cycle times.
  • The normal use cycle times can reach more than 50 times.

Main Technical Data

Extruder ModelSJZ80/156+SJ50SJZ92/188+SJ50
Man Motor Power55110
Max Capacity(Kg/h)450650
Total Installation Power(KW)185245